Crypto In A Box Is Unveiled

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Reward miner coin is proud to unveil “Crypto in a box” just one of 7 pre-launch project utilities it plans to have in full operation before its token launch later this year.  Crypto in a box is essentially a four way collaboration project between Reward Miner Coin, Spywolf Network, Interfi Networks and Subx Finance Labs. Crypto in a box is a streamlined pathway to Crypto project ownership in a box. This solution is ideal for anyone who has had a desire to create their own crypto currency; but is unsure where to start. Through this partnership we will deliver the tools and ongoing support to make your crypto project dream a reality. From business concept consulting, contract code development, blockchain tech, promotion, launch and ongoing management our joint team can deliver your project the edge!

Luke Jackman the CEO and founder of Reward Miner coin says “We are absolutely thrilled as the new kid on the block to be working with great companies in the block chain space like Subx Finance Labs,  Spywolf networks & Interfi Networks. We really hope that we can show that we aren’t out of place in this company and provide our mutual customers phenomenal service.”

More information will be launched shortly so stay tuned for details.


RMC Team

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