Reward Miner announces NFT Collection delivered by Newton Mint Labs

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Reward Miner coin have signed talented NFT company Newton Mint Labs to produce a limited edition NFT collection for the Reward Miner coin project.

❖ The collection will include 365 NFT’s and include different themes designed to create interest with our investor community.

❖ A new NFT within the collection will be released daily over a 12 month period commencing from when we launch the Reward Miner coin for public trading.

❖ Each NFT released daily will be offered up as a prize to the Reward miner investor community. The challenges to be eligible to win these daily NFT’s will change but all challenges will be focused on driving community engagement, wider awareness of the Reward Miner project and directly impact chart trading volume. To be eligible to win you need to be a Reward miner holder and we will request proof of Reward miner coin ownership before prizes are issued.

❖ There will also be an additional premium NFT collection of 12 NFT’s. These premium NFT’s will be enhanced versions of the most popular of the initial 365 limited edition collection. The make up of this premium NFT collection will be voted by the reward miner community. Once decided these 12 premium NFT’s will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

The proceeds of the NFT sales in this auction will be broken up in the following way:

❖ 50% of the sales proceed will be donated to charity to support some great causes our community are passionate about.

❖ 25% will be provided to our vendor Newton Mint Labs to reward the artists for the collection they put together for us.

❖ The remaining 25% will be used to purchase Reward Miner coins. These will be allocated to the airdrop wallet and used for subsequent holder rewards promotions for our community.



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