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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Buy Reward Miner Crypto Currency?
Go to the Reward Miner website home page & click on the “Buy Reward Miner coin” button.
What is the Reward Miner Contract Address:
The Reward Miner Contract Address is:
What is slippage for?
To set the tolerance on the maximum percentage of price movement you can live with. IT IS NOT A TAX.
Why 20% tax and when is it applied?
It is applied to EVERY TRANSACTION, this includes: Token Buys & Sells; 14% gets redistributed back to all holders in BUSD stable coin, 2% Buyback & Burn, 2% liquidity pool & 2% marketing.
Why am I not receiving rewards?
Rewards are directly related to Trading Volume and your Reward miner holdings percentage to overall supply. Higher trading volume, higher and faster rewards. The more Reward Miner coins you own; the larger and faster you will receive your BUSD stable coin rewards.
Why is there a price difference between CMC and Trust Wallet?
CMC uses the average price between DEX and CEX on which the coin is being traded.
How can I check the amount of coins burned?
Go to BSC SCAN and enter the following wallet address into the search bar. Alternatively; simply go to the Reward Miner coin websites home page.
What is AMA and when do they happen?
Ask Me Anything, (AMA) is an open space where investors can talk to the project team and ask questions. The Reward Miner Coin team hold AMAs every week inside the Reward Miner Telegram channel. Go to:
Are airdrops real?
Yes but only if its announced on our official channels or outlined by us in official documentation provided to investors via website or social channels. Please make sure to follow the links on our official page.
When to the moon?
Hold your Reward miner and Xminer coins and fill your wallets. The rockets is taking off soon!