Reward miner coin is operated by an Australian incorporated entity specifically created to provide governance for the “Reward Miner coin “. Reward miner coin itself is a hyper deflationary; passive income generating Crypto currency which rewards holders with BUSD stable coin with is paid as a percentage of the projects daily trading volume.

The Crypto Currency project will be supported by a multi-level marketing compensation plan in addition to an ecosystem of complimentary revenue generating business modules which will drive trading volume into the project.


Our mission is to be a community driven organisation that delivers a successful long term income generating asset for our stake holders.
Our goal is to be considered “different”. The reward miner team aims to raise the bar on what investors expect from a crypto investment product. We hope to deliver a positive business case that others will follow. With the hope that this will elevate the Crypto Investment industries reputation and attract fresh investors into the sector.

Our Values:

  • Service
  • Hard work
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Community


Our Leadership Team

We have assembled the squad to deliver results!







Infinity 22

CFO/Accounting Partner


Alex S

Creative Director

Alex McCabe

Community Manager

Dustin Bauerle

Sales & Partnerships BDM

Callum Rideout

Head of Sales and Marketing

James Anderson

Director of RM ICT

Steve Stokes

Director for News Hub

Abbas Ali

Director for RM Digital Me

X-Miner Community Board

When Reward miner was conceptualized the main goal was to create a diverse community driven project. We wanted our core investors to feel part of the team and the project to be an experience rather than simply being a transactional experience. For this reason, we have decided to create the Xminer ’ s Community.

The Key area’s the Miner’s Community will be Involved:

  • Marketing Strategy & Promotion’s
  • Project Partnerships
  • Project Utility Expansion

What you need to Qualify:

  • Hold at all times 4 trillion or more Reward Miner Coins.
  • Register for membership via the link below.

Why Most projects fail

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Lack of Investor security & distrust in project teams.

Greedy private sale investors, whale trading groups & predatory trading behavior that often burn retail investors.

Stagnant chart activity and loss of investor interest.
Lack of real world project use case & stale community engagement.


Superior Investor Security & a
Project Team you can trust!

  • Incorporated business entity in Australia & fully doxxed team.
  • 4 -8 year lock on the project teams token allocation with two part stage release.

Retail Investor Projections

  • 2 year wallet lock on private sale investors.
  • 12 months wallet lock on priority presale investors.
  • Private sale & Priority presale investors will still earn BUSD rewards during the wallet lock period. 
  • 69% of the tokens supply locked for at least 12 months from launch!
  • Anti-whale policy – Max single sale transaction of 500 billion tokens.

Automated Contract Features
to Create & Maintain Hype!

  • Automated mid-month Buyback Burn activation every month.
  • BUSD holder reward promotion; which will buy Reward miner coins at the end of each month using BUSD stable coin rewards earned against the designated wallet.   The tokens purchased will be allocated to eligible holders as a prize pool airdrop every month.

Clear Marketing Strategy &
Skills to Execute it

  • High calibre team with vast experience in sales, marketing and operating successful businesses.
  • The Reward Miner “Teach me Now ” project utility & initial foundation course we will deploy called “Crypto Trader Fast track”.  This will be heavily promoted and act as a gateway to connect, educate, and drive engagement from investors outside of the sector and hopefully see them start their investment journey positively with Reward Miner coin as the full cost of this course will be rebated back to them in Reward miner currency.