Mine BUSD coin rewards simply by holding Reward Miner Coin.

Then leverage our affiliate marketing compensation plan & ecosystem to get more of them!

The more you have, the more you earn!

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Reward miner coin is operated by an Australian incorporated entity specifically created to provide governance for the “Reward Miner coin”. Reward miner coin itself is a hyper deflationary; passive income generating Crypto currency; which rewards holders with BUSD stable coin. BUSD stable coin is paid as a percentage of the projects daily trading volume and distributed to holders as a share based to their overall holding percentage in the project.

The Crypto Currency project will be supported by an ecosystem of revenue generating businesses which will drive trading volume into the project. In addition to this there will be a affiliate marketing compensation plan and referral marketing business opportunity. This program will offer customers and affiliate marketing agents rebates against engaged products and service purchase. These rebates and commissions paid for any product and service purchase or promotion that leads to revenue generated will be paid in Reward miner coin tokens.


Our mission is to be a community driven organisation that delivers a successful long term income generating asset for our stake holders.
Our goal is to be considered “different”. The reward miner team aims to raise the bar on what investors expect from a crypto investment product. We hope to deliver a positive business case that others will follow. With the hope that this will elevate the Crypto Investment industries reputation and attract fresh investors into the sector.

Our Values:

  • Service
  • Hard work
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Community


Our Leadership Team

We have assembled the squad to deliver results!







Infinity 22

CFO/Accounting Partner


Alex S

Creative Director

Alex McCabe

Community Manager

Dustin Bauerle

Sales & Partnerships BDM

Callum Rideout

Head of Sales and Marketing

James Anderson

Director of RM ICT

Steve Stokes

Director for News Hub

Abbas Ali

Director for RM Digital Me

Waqar Ahmed

Director for RM Galaxy

X-Miner Community Board

When Reward miner was conceptualized the main goal was to create a diverse community driven project. We wanted our core investors to feel part of the team and the project to be an experience rather than simply being a transactional experience. For this reason, we have decided to create the Xminer ’ s Community.

The Key area’s the Miner’s Community will be Involved:

  • Marketing Strategy & Promotion’s
  • Project Partnerships
  • Project Utility Expansion

What you need to Qualify:

  • Hold at all times 4 trillion or more Reward Miner Coins.
  • Register for membership via the link below.

Why Most projects fail

See below the four key reasons why most Crypto projects don’t have a meaningful existing beyond a month!
Lack of Investor security & distrust in project teams.
Greedy private sale investors, whale trading groups & predatory trading behavior that often burn retail investors.
Stagnant chart activity and loss of investor interest.
Lack of real world project use case & stale community engagement.


Superior Investor Security & a
Project Team you can trust!

  • Incorporated business entity in Australia & fully doxxed team.
  • 2 -3 year lock on the project teams token allocation with two part stage release.

Retail Investor Projections

  • 1 year wallet lock on private sale investors.
  • 6 month wallet lock on priority presale investors.
  • Private sale & Priority presale investors will still earn BUSD rewards during the wallet lock period.
  • 53.5% of the tokens supply locked for at least 6 months from launch!

Automated Contract Features
to Create & Maintain Hype!

  • Automated Buyback Burn activation every 90 days.
  • 8% Monthly Airdrop Promotion wallet. This wallet will accrue BUSD rewards and on the 28th day of each month make a large buy of Reward Miner coin tokens.  The tokens purchased will be airdropped to eligible holders as a prize pool every month.
  • 8% Monthly Burn Promotion wallet. This wallet will accrue BUSD rewards and on the 14th day of each month make a large buy of Reward Miner coin tokens.  The tokens purchased will be sent directly to the burn wallet to eliminate token supply and scale token price growth.

Clear Marketing Strategy &
Skills to Execute it

  • High calibre team with vast experience in sales, marketing and operating successful businesses.
  • The Reward Miner team are driven to operate a hybrid business strategy focused on building pathways for new investment from those outside of the existing DEFI investor community.


1 QUADRILLION TOKENS – 1,000,000,000,000,000



Pancake Swap Buy Taxes: 10%

6% BUSD Rewards for Investors
1% Buyback Burn
1% Liquidity Pool
2% Marketing

Pancake Swap Sell Taxes: 20%

12% BUSD Rewards for Investors
2% Buyback Burn
2% Liquidity Pool
4% Marketing

Exchange | PancakeSwap – $4.707 




Renegade Swap Buy Taxes: 8%

5% BUSD Rewards for Investors
1% Liquidity Pool
2% Marketing

Renegade Swap Sell Taxes: 16%

10% BUSD Rewards for Investors
2% Liquidity Pool
4% Marketing





Unlocked: 46.5% of Supply
Locked for 6 mths -1 year: 45.5% of Supply
Locked for 2 – 3 years: 8% of Supply

Chart by Visualizer

Directors Desk Blog

We are committed to keeping you in the loop of everything we are doing and our progress.  You’ll never have to make assumptions because we have a number of communication mediums where you can get the answers you are looking for!

Crypto In A Box Is Unveiled

Reward miner coin is proud to unveil "Crypto in a box" just one of 7 pre-launch project utilities it plans to have in full operation before its...

Reward Miner announces NFT Collection delivered by Newton Mint Labs

Reward Miner coin signs deal with talented NFT company Newton Mint Labs to deliver 365 NFT's to be released daily over 12 months from the kick off of their BSC tokens launch. Reward miner coin holders post launch will have the chance to complete tasks daily to be eligible to win the NFT's launched each day.


The Reward Miner coin team in conjunction with X-Miner Community are proud to announce a unique launch day incentive.  As proof this is a...


WHAT IS THE X-MINER COMMUNITY BOARD? When Reward miner was conceptualized the main goal was to create a diverse community driven project. We...


We are committed to keeping you in the loop of everything we are doing and our progress.  You’ll never have to make assumptions because we have a number of communication mediums where you can get the answers you are looking for!

Reward Miner AMA Events

Check out below when our next Reward Miner AMA will be held.  We run these events both inside our Moonshot events online events platform and our Telegram social channel.  Never fear if you miss an AMA.  Because AMA events inside our events platform willl be recorded and recordings will be made available online.

Xminer Monthly Community Board Meeting

Check out below when our next monthly X-Miner Community board meeting will be scheduled.  These events are only attendable by registered X-miner community board members. Eligibility for X-Miner Community board and registration can be found on our website.  Don’t qualify for X-Miner Community board?  Don’t stress as monthly meetings will be recorded and made available to the wider investor community and provided online.

Moonshot AMA Pitch Battle

“Moonshot AMA Pitch battle” is a signature event operated by one of our project business modules “Moonshot Events”.  Moonshot AMA Pitch battle is a fresh new crypto focused event format.  It will provide investors the opportunity to hear presentation from multiple Crypto projects at the one convenient time inside a best of breed Expo style event platform.  It will offer fantastic opportunities to get to know project owners more intimatly and network with other Crypto traders.

Project Utility  Eco-System

Reward Miner coin will be launched with an existing ecosystem of project utility.  Our team are Crypto investors too.  We know just how frustrating it is investing in a project which has no real world use case.  Thats why we have gone about this project back to front.  Instead of waiting for investor capital and scrambing project utility after the fact.  Our team have invested large amounts of capital to build a full ecosystem of project use case which will be in place prior to the coins launch.  Some expansion items will come later but we through project team investment and mutually benficial partnerships the Reward Miner coin will have a launch project utility platform that is rivalled by no other coin you have seen.

Reward Miner Group Companies

Below is an overview of the real world companies that will sit underneath the “Reward Miner coin” umbrella.  It will support the Reward miner coin project by offering tangible product and service offerings which will drive trading volume into the Reward miner coin project to ensure that our investors get solid BUSD passive income rewards; even in times of market turmoil because the project will be able to support its own weight.

Moonshot Events

Moonshot Events is a bespoke online events management business and soon to be host of a fresh Crypto focused  AMA Pitch battle format.

Digital Me

Digital Me is a full stack digital services agency which specialises in all online digital media from websites, logos, social channel management & more.

Teach Me Now Academy

Teach Me Now Academy is an online E-Learning course and coaching platform. It will be home to a  range products across different categories.

Reward Miner Galaxy

Reward Miner Galaxy is a consolidated online web store where people can purchase products and get rebates off purchases in Reward miner coins.

Crypto In A Box

Crypto in a box is an end to end solution that provides lifecycle project management and services for anyone with appetite in creating their own cryptocurrency project.


RM ICT is a business technology service provider offering best of breed “Ring Central” Hosted PBX business telephony solutions.


News Hub incorporates our industry niche news websites and content marketing solutions Mining News hub, Resource industry News and Crypto News Hub.  We will look to expand into other industries to drive additional revenue and exposure.

How it works

Revenue generated within our business utility ecosystem will assist the “Reward Miner Coin” and our holder community in a handful of ways.

These Include:

  • Generating trading volume which will pay holders BUSD stable coin rewards.
  • Increasing our Reward Miner Coin holder community by offering products service engagement rebates to our customers in Reward Miner coins.
  •  Offering an affiliate marketing compensation plan that will serve to leverage word of mouth advertising to drive product and service revenue within our ecosystem.  Commissions will be paid in Reward miner coins.

Business Builder Affiliate Program

The Reward Miner Business Builder affiliate marketing business opportunity is something that will underpin the success of the project.  This one is for the crypto project warriors of you out there. The holders who support the in-house marketing teams tirelessly with tweets, retweets and sharing news and promotional content to amplify and provide greater exposure to projects “why invest with us” messages.

Most current promotion in this form goes largely unrewarded. Because the only possible winfall is an indirect reward by attracting new investors into the project itself and seeing your own investment portfolio in the project rise in value.

Reward Miner coin will be different as holders can onboard onto our Network marketing business model and have the capacity to earn both direct and indirect rewards for promotion that leads to revenue generation.

Visit our Reward Miner Business Builder site below for full details.


Project Partners

Spy Wolf | $SPY

The $SPY token, created by SpyWolf, aims to eliminate monetary fraud in the crypto space and help investors gain their trust back through an ecosystem of helpful resources.


SUBX FINANCE LAB is a blockchain-as-a-service provider for businesses to integrate web3 technologies into their products and services. Join us at the forefront of the web3 revolution ⚡

Interfi Network

InterFi has audited more than 500,000 solidity code-lines on Binance, Ethereum, Fantom, Avalanche, Polygon, Bitcoin Cash, Oasis, and Solana Smart Chains! ????️


SafePal is dedicated to providing a secure and user-friendly crypto management platform for the masses to secure and grow their crypto assets safely and conveniently.

Y-5 Finance

Y-5 Finance. The Future of Tokenomics.


BUSDX is the native token that fuels our product ecosystem. Users are required to hold/stake/pay with the BUSDX token to access our products.

The vault Finance

Vault Finance is home to the first next-gen sell-less smart contract that won’t have to sell native tokens to generate rewards, or fund project wallets.

KYC & Audits


Interfi Network


Pre-Launch & Post Launch Contract Audits


What is “X-Miner Token” & why will we be launching it In conjunction with Reward Miner coin?

The X-Miner token will serve as a Governance/Reward token to the Reward Miner coin holder community. It will assist the RMC project by creating additional trading volume; which will pay Reward miner coin holders more BUSD stable coin rewards.

It will do so by operating a similar tax structure to the Reward miner coin; but with the difference being that it will pay Reward Miner coin rewards opposed to BUSD stable coin. The X-Miner token will also have a much lower overall circulating token supply.

Reward Miner coin holders will have the opportunity to stake their Reward miner holdings. By doing so they will to earn X-Miner tokens. Which will pay them Reward miner coins. This will organically increase investors overall holding stake percentage in the Reward miner project. Which in turn will see them eligible to earn more BUSD stable coin rewards against Reward miner coins daily trading volume. This will create a perfect cycle of trading volume; essentially compound the investment holdings of holders in both projects.

Max Token Supply: 100 Billion

Chart by Visualizer


5% Reward Miner Coin Rewards
1% Buyback Burn
1% Liquidity Pool
1% Marketing


10% Reward Miner Coin Rewards
2% Buyback Burn
2% Liquidity Pool
2% Marketing


Unlocked: 65% of Supply
Locked for 6 months: 5% of Supply
Locked for 1 year: 30% of Supply

Project Team: 8%

Marketing: 5%

X-Miner Crypto Mining Farm: 6%

RMC XMAS Airdrop Promotion: 20%

Staking Rewards: 10%

Private Sale: 16%

Presale/Whitelist: 20%

Public Launch/Liquidity: 15%


Check and join our social channels below or hit the contact our team button below.