X-Miner Governance Token


What is “X-Miner Token” & why will we be launching it In conjunction with Reward Miner coin?

The X-Miner token will serve as a Governance/Reward token to the Reward Miner coin holder community. It will assist the RMC project by creating additional trading volume; which will pay Reward miner coin holders more BUSD stable coin rewards.

It will do so by operating a similar tax structure to the Reward miner coin; but with the difference being that it will pay Reward Miner coin rewards opposed to BUSD stable coin. The X-Miner token will also have a much lower overall circulating token supply.

Reward Miner coin holders will have the opportunity to stake their Reward miner holdings. By doing so they will to earn X-Miner tokens. Which will pay them Reward miner coins. This will organically increase investors overall holding stake percentage in the Reward miner project. Which in turn will see them eligible to earn more BUSD stable coin rewards against Reward miner coins daily trading volume. This will create a perfect cycle of trading volume; essentially compound the investment holdings of holders in both projects.

Max Token Supply: 100 Billion

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When will the X-Miner Token be Launched & How?

Our aim is to kick private sale off in the Xminer Token by the end of November 2022.
It will be launched on our very own IDO Launchpad & listed on our own DEX Exchange.

Xminer Token Launch Promo for Reward Miner X-Miner Community Board Members

All members of Reward miners “X-Miner Community board” will be air dropped 100 Million Xminer tokens or 0.001% of the overall token supply of the X-Miner Token as a reward or thank you for their support of RMC.

When will the Xminer Airdrop take place?

The X-Miner Airdrop promotion will take place on Christmas Day 2022

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