Whitelist Wallet Registration

Whitelist Wallet Registration Process.

To finalise your access to Reward Miner Coins final presale you will need to follow the below process.

You will be eligible to access to our Final presale via whitelist if you have participated in the following:
-Private Sale
-Priority Presale
-Reward Miner Business Builder MLM pre-launch promotion (First 400 only)
-Moonshot Pitch battle Premium Membership subscription pre-launch promotion (First 100 only)

Please note the following:

Private sale  and/or Priority Presale investors who have already accumulated 4 trillion tokens and thus qualified for X-Miner community team must use a different wallet for their Final Presale whitelist spot.

Priority presale investors who are yet to accumulate 4 trillion tokens and qualify for X-Miner community team will be permitted to use their Priority presale wallet as their Final presale whitelist wallet.

If you made multiple transactions in Private or Priority presale round against one wallet address; only one Whitelist final presale spot will apply.

You will need to fill out multiple forms if you have qualified for multiple whitelist spots via Private sale, Priority Presale, MLM promotion and Moonshot Promotions.

All fields of the below webform must be filled out on every submission.