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When Reward miner was conceptualized the main goal was to create a diverse community driven project. We wanted our core investors to feel part of the team and the project to be an experience rather than simply being a transactional experience. For this reason, we have decided to create the X-Miner’s Community.

The Key area’s the X-Miner’s Community will be Involved:

vMarketing Strategy & Promotion’s
vProject Partnerships
vProject Utility Expansion

Initially all private sale investors will form this X-Miner’s Community due to the size of their contribution and 2 – year wallet lock period. Other members that invest in the project at a later stage will be accepted into the X-Miner’s community, but this community will be capped at 200 members.

Eligibility for X-Miner Community:

Hold more than 4 trillion Reward miner tokens

Proof of token holdings will need to be provided by declaration of your wallet address which need to be accompanied by a screen shot of token holdings to verify ownership. This will need to be emailed to before acceptance is granted into X-Miner’s Community.

Monthly meetings will be held in the Reward Miner virtual events platform. Decision’s will be made based on a 50% majority rule. If a topic doesn’t meet this threshold, the reward miner project team will make the final decision. The voting process will be executed within a private X-Miners Telegram group.

The X-Miner communities token holdings will be monitored monthly and any members that fall below the eligibility threshold will be removed from the group and replaced



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